Vidusayura Simulator Structure and Capabilities

Instructor Station

The Instructor Station (Control Room) contains all the necessary hardware, software and additional equipment, in order to perform the following functions:

Before the beginning of the exercise, the instructor is be able to:

  • select the exercise area
  • create a new scenario with the scenario editor module or select a pre-saved scenario
  • select the own ships and surrounding ships type (from database)
  • select the number of own ships (joint or individual scenario) and the number of surrounding ships
  • select sailing conditions (state of sea, winds, current, visibility, time of day)
  • on-screen visualization of scene content (sky, sea, terrain, visibility, own ship)

Physically Constructed Ship Bridge

The Physically Constructed Ship Bridge is a realistic mock-up of a real ship bridge, including a well balanced combination between real (“hands-on”) and virtual (“on-screen”) navigation equipment.

The main requirements for the Full Mission Bridge are:

Mock-up of a ship bridge structure, including:

  • Windows
  • Access doors
  • Layout of the navigational equipment

Real ships controls:

  • Steering wheel
  • Throttle

Real ships indicators:

  • Rudders indicator
  • RPM indicator
  • Compass indicator

Radar equipment:

  • Radar control panel
  • Medium screen display
  • Radar simulation software

ECDIS equipment:

  • ECDIS control panel
  • Medium screen display
  • ECDIS simulation software

Sound system:

  • Alarm panel
  • Engine sound simulation software
  • Surrounding sound simulation software


  • Real VHF radiotelephone
  • Internal communication system (interphone)

Visualization System:

  • 3 Projection screens for 120 degrees horizontal field of view
  • Video Projection equipments
  • Visualization software